Saturday, July 12, 2008

Portrait Party!

I had my first EVER portrait party today and I must say- it was a success! Mandy was so gracious to offer to host a party in her home and she invited several fabulous families over to have their pictures taken and join in in the festivities. We had food (a separate post will be coming about the famous Baby Bites!) and lots o' toys for the kiddos and of course me there with my camera ready to capture some cute moments.

Here's a few of the kiddos from today!

and how about some good old fashioned brotherly/sisterly love???

If you are interested in hosting a portrait party- let me know! I can send you all the info on details about hosting a party and how you can earn free portraits!!


Mandy Go said...

Faaabbbbulous! I had such a gooooood time, Stephanie. Thanks for doing such a great job. The pictures look fantastic. I also had fun hanging out with you & Miss Hannah afterwards... I can't wait to catch up again!

Kelly said...

What great shots, Stephanie!!! I love them!

Nikki said...

These are gorgeous Stephanie. Portrait parties sound so much fun!