Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Ok, I'll take a stab at this "10 on Tuesday" thing since I've been a bad blogger recently. Maybe this will catch you all up. :)

1. Hannah’s favorite movie right now is “The Cheebunks” (better known as The Chipmunks). She’s so cute when she watches it- she’ll just laugh and say “look- cheebunks mama!” :)

2. I’m going to Vegas this weekend with some of my best photographer friends and I admit- I’m getting a little nervous- yet excited!!

3. One of my best friends, Joy, is in town this week and I can't wait to meet up with them and Mandy and Grace too! Hannah is soooo excited to see Joey and Mia. :) Hannah is probably having a blast right NOW because she is at Grace's house playing today. (Thanks again Mandy!)

4. This will be the first time Hannah has gotten to stay overnight with Grandma Barbara. I’m not sure who is going to be more excited.

5. Hannah loves when we open up our garage because we store some of her “old” toys in there. She gets so giddy when the door opens and it’s like they are brand new all over again and she will just play and explore all of the little treasures she finds.

6. Yes, we need to clean our garage. We’ve made a major dent in it- but I can’t part with some of it. :)

7. If you ask Hannah what she wants for dinner- she’ll say noodles and eggroll please. She’s on a major Chinese kick these days.

8. Hannah is getting so brave! We went to the park the other day and she climbed up on the fort all by herself and when she went to slide- she hung from the top bar and would swing from it saying “look at meeee momma! I a monkey!” I’m going to have to keep a close watch on this little monkey!

9. I can’t believe it has been several weeks since I’ve been home to Enterprise. I go home at least every other weekend and it has been, gosh, 3 weeks (I think) already and I’ll be out of town again this weekend. Can’t wait to go down the second weekend in August!

10. One of the reasons I didn’t go home this past weekend- I shot a wedding here in Birmingham and it was so much fun. It rained, and rained, and RAINED but I think we made the best of it. :) Here is one shot from the ceremony- isn’t the church just gorgeous?! More to come!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ring around the rosie!

Hannah had a blast dancing with Grace last Saturday morning before our Portrait Party! You can see them in action on Mandy's blog-

Click here for a major dose of cuteness!

They are growing up way too quickly.

Here are some recent signs:

*Hannah can now say she lives in "Alabaster Alabama" perfectly pronounced. Ok, so most of the time she thinks "Alabama" is the theme park Alabama Adventure but their logo has taught her to recognize the state's shape! Anytime she sees it- she says "Alabama!"

*The other night I told her it was time to brush her teeth and she came into the bathroom but immediately ran out. I peeked down the hall and I saw her running back from the kitchen carrying her step stool. She has to have it when she brushes her teeth so she went and got it all by herself! She even lined it up perfectly at the sink before proceeding with the teeth brushing. :)

*She can tell little stories. When we got home from the zoo on Sunday, she told Chad about the scary monkeys and how they made her cry! (Well, she liked all of the monkeys until the big ol' orangutan- but he wasss kind of scary looking!)

I could just go on and on.... she is just so much fun and just the cutest little thing ever. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A little piece of Heaven....

It can be found at this awesome little bakery in Homewood- Pastry Art Let me just tell you- these are the single most delicious things I have EVER tasted. I am a tad biased seeing as how I ALWAYS get chocolate (or turtle!) so I can't really vouch for the caramel, red velvet, vanilla or other specialty ones they have but my co-workers certainly can! We make a "baby bite run" at least once a week. :) It's so fun to walk in and see the owner crack a big smile as he sees me come through the door. It makes it all that much better to know that they remember their clients and appreciate them so much!

Let me introduce you to my favorite thing. I took these shots yesterday at the portrait party I posted about below. I spoiled my guests with a big crystal platter of these oh-so-yummy delicacies!

a shout-out for the chocolate

Go over and see them and tell them I sent you! :) You will NOT be disappointed with these babies!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Portrait Party!

I had my first EVER portrait party today and I must say- it was a success! Mandy was so gracious to offer to host a party in her home and she invited several fabulous families over to have their pictures taken and join in in the festivities. We had food (a separate post will be coming about the famous Baby Bites!) and lots o' toys for the kiddos and of course me there with my camera ready to capture some cute moments.

Here's a few of the kiddos from today!

and how about some good old fashioned brotherly/sisterly love???

If you are interested in hosting a portrait party- let me know! I can send you all the info on details about hosting a party and how you can earn free portraits!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little Miss Carson Grace

I got to meet this sweet little girl and her parents out at the gardens today for an evening session. (and my friend Mandy too who was sweet enough to refer them to me!) We lucked out and missed the thunderstorm that had just passed through- whew!

Carson Grace will be celebrating her first birthday next month and was just a pure joy to work with. It was so nice to meet you all and I enjoyed our dinner together as well. I'll see you all at the portrait party on Saturday!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So many reasons I love the beach....

Hannah and I had quite the busy weekend. In three days we visited three cities! Enterprise on Saturday, Destin on Sunday and Orange Beach on Monday! I do have to say I was most excited about Orange Beach because I was on my way to meet on of my best photographer friends, Lyndsay. Hannah and I met her, her husband and kiddos Taryn and Teagan for an early dinner and then headed to the beach for a little TTD session! You can actually catch a sneak peak on her blog right now!

I also thoroughly enjoyed our brief stay in Destin. That has to be one of my absolute favorite places on earth. It is just so amazingly gorgeous there and I almost cried as we drove over the bridge to leave. :(

Ok, back to the TTD. Here's a couple that I snapped (yes, while standing in a very heavy, wet and sandy wedding dress!) while out at the beach. It was soooo nice there. I wish I could have stayed so much longer! It was so great to meet you and your fam Lyndsay!

Teagan got to hang out with Bear!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope you all had a fun and safe day! We had a great time today- we started off our morning by driving down to Nana and Grandy's house and spending the afternoon with them and Hannah's cousins- Carlee, Allie and Raegan and then we headed back to Birmingham for dinner and a fireworks show with friends! Lucky for us, one of our friends, Embree's husband's parents (got that?!) own the restaurant we were at so we got to go onto the balcony for our own secluded area for the fireworks! It was awesome! Of course you could find me with my camera attached to my face trying to get "the" fireworks shot. I think I got some pretty cool ones- here's just one:

In other news- my new website launched today!!!! Go check it out and let me know what you think! It's definitely more bright and colorful than my other and it's just so ME! :)
Go check out my new site!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The BIG 3-0

I turned 30 on Sunday! Yeah, hard to believe it's really here! Chad, Hannah and I spent the night at Ross Bridge Resort here in Birmingham and had such a great time. We spent Sunday afternoon hanging out at the pool and then met our friends for dinner at Surin. Yum!

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the spa and it was heaven on earth! If you haven't been- you definitely need to go try it out! Better yet- if you're a Birmingham local you can get 20% off all spa services Monday-Wednesdays! So go book yourself a "YOU" day!

Here's the slideshow from my birthday weekend....

My 30th Birthday!