Thursday, April 26, 2007

Alabama Baby

The search for the Alabama Baby magazine cover begins! For those of you who don't know- Hannah is going to be on the cover of Alabama Baby magazine and they have asked ME to do the cover picture!! I took Hannah out to the botanical gardens this afternoon to get some pictures of her. She and I had such a good time out there!

In other Hannah news- she is almost walking! She will hold onto my hands and walk along with me. For those of you who know her- this is major progress. :) She also loves for me to cheer for her. When I say "yaayyyy!" she'll start clapping and just crack up. Silly girl!

Hannah's phrase of the week is "uh oh". At the store the other night as we strolled the aisles, Hannah would chant over and over "uh ohhhh. uh oh. uhhh ohhhhh." Most of the time it was because she had thrown poor Bear out of the cart once again. "uh oh!" :)

Here are the pics from today~ I think this first one is a definite contender for cover.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hannah: One year ago today

I was just looking through old pictures and came across this one that was taken exactly one year ago today. My, how she has changed. :)

This was also taken a year ago... what a difference a year makes!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

How adorable are they?!

Hannah and I went down to Montgomery today to see my friend Joy and her three children- Joey (3), Mia (2) and Heinz (5 months). They were brave enough to be my photography models and they definitely had to be brave today! The weather was pretty bad in the area so while we were taking pictures, the wind would occasionally start to blow down my backdrop stand. They were quite the troopers. :)

And did I mention cute??? They are just so darn adorable!! I can't wait for them to move back to Birmingham so Hannah can have her little friends to play with!

This is Joey...

and Mia....

and last but not least, Heinz....

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Megan had her prom Thursday night and boy was it a night to remember for her and the EHS seniors! Not only was Rachel Ray there, but others from "What Not To Wear" were there and Mandy Moore was the entertainment!! That is so awesome that so many people came to support Enterprise and to help make the seniors have a wonderful prom and definitely one they will never forget.

Here is my little Megan in her GORGEOUS prom dress. I can't believe she is a senior and went to prom.... it seems like only yesterday that I was getting ready for MY prom and she was playing dress up with me as I got ready. :)